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thank you, Christy.  thank you so much.
Parents of deaf children feel betrayed by the system -- everyone points their finger at the parents when the children have problems -- everyone says it's the parents job to make sure their children "talk" and "listen".  Well, it's not.  Deaf people can't hear.  Cochlear implants give them input that human brains were not evolved to process into language.  So the child with a cochlear implant needs a lot of training in order to decipher the electrical impulses the implant supplies -- and, basically, we simply don't know enough about how the brain works to be able to train the children successfully in most instances.  It is NOT the parents' fault.  But we don't even have to worry about "blame" if we simply make sure the children have a firm language foundation.  And sign language will give them that.  Then if they are lucky enough to be successful with a hearing aid or an implant, they'll be bilingual.  Yahoo!
All adults and children have the right to enjoy sharing books together -- no matter who is hearing and who is deaf.
Fun is not a frivolous goal.  Fun builds character and cements family bonds.
love, Donna Jo

I can't figure out how to load the video up here -- but you can see Ayden on youtube -- just a very short clip -- he's watching the ebook ROCKY:

Dear Ivette -- I'm not good at using websites -- so I hope i do this right.  Please  contact me directly if you like:  
     THANK YOU so much.  You've been there -- you know what it's like.  So I'm really happy to hear from you.   I'll paste in a message from the mother of Ayden W.-- and if I can figure out how, I'll add a video of Ayden doing manual babbling as he's looking at one of our ebooks --

MESSAGE FROM AYDEN'S MAMMA -- MAY 2016: I have been a long time fan of your YA books and have always loved how you reimagine old myths and fairy tales, while incorporating historical events. You are one of my favorite authors. But I have come to find another reason to love you. My two year old son is deaf, and I have consequently learned of your research and support of ASL. I recently downloaded your RISE books, and my son loves them! While we have previously watched many ASL books, these were the first ones that he will watch all the way through, and watch them repeatedly. He has even "mabbled" along with the readers! His favorites are Slant and your Rocky.

I just want to thank you and the entire team for creating these wonderful books, and for your support and advocacy for ASL. I have been dismayed to discover how hard it is to find real support for ASL in the education system, but the internet has also become the platform for many fabulous resources, which we take full advantage of.

Again, thank you and God bless you!