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We work with waste management plants that take all the recycling bin and trash bin content and sort through them. In cities like San Jose, it doesn't matter if you've mixed up your recycling with trash, the MRF is so advanced in its large scale sorting that it will pull out everything that is valuable/marketable, even just to reduce landfilling, which is expensive near cities. I think a solution like this is not really solving the root of the problem which is how do you actually recycle dirty plastics and what do you turn it into that is profitable enough to justify the recycling process? The current way is mechanical recycling, but you can't make plastics with good properties (e.g. food grade, etc) that way and the products can't compete with virgin. Smart recycling bins can provide the benefit of reducing contamination of the plastic while inside the bin, but once the garbage/recycling truck picks up the content, everything will get commingled anyway. Most US cities intentionally keep the number of recycling bins at the curbside to 1 to keep collection costs down.