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Mark commented on MOBILE MUSICIANS

My favorite part is that you’re not just trying to do it all yourselves but encouraging volunteers to join in and provide services as well. The points program is a good idea, I think it’ll get more people involved. We want a rewards program in our app too. It’d be really cool if all our apps could share an overlapping rewards program somehow.

I like that you are bringing people together and encouraging them to help make a difference for possibly everyone. There's a lot of potential ripple effect in this. Its awesome you already have lots of help too. I think this would be an amazing opportunity for a lot of people, but not everyone can make a month long trip. Have you ever considered an online version? Like a video class where people around the world can participate in the conversation?


Mark commented on Makayla’s Dreams

I like this idea a lot. We have a lot of homeless here too and see similar issues. I'm 15 too and I don't know all the things about how to set it up either but locally someone did something just like what you're suggesting. Maybe you can reach out to them and get more info about how they did it to help build on your idea?

Here's their website