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anne commented on Life After Loss

Life after Loss definitely needs to be implemented in all schools across the nation. Continue the good work, Jason! You are doing very important work.


anne commented on STEAMUS

Hi Atri! I think that it is great that you are creating something that helps students understand the opportunities they have in STEAM fields! I think that bootcamps would definitely encourage them, but I want to suggest that you include a service that mentors students as they go through school as well! Best of luck!


anne commented on Malwear

Hi Ethan! I really like that you are finding a creative way to encourage minority students to take part in STEM fields! One piece of encouragement I want to offer is that I think that your organization would be stronger if you focused more on connecting students to opportunities, than selling merchandise. Clothing is definitely an effective way of grabbing the attention of students, and I think you should definitely make a line of apparel, but make sure you have services that would help buyers learn about how they could get into STEM fields.