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Phillip commented on Ground Up Computer Science

This is an amazing idea, Noah! I have an interest in CS and utilized online materials in order to learn different languages. I didn't realize how few schools offer computer science courses at their schools and believe that what you are doing can truly impact the lives of many. I wish you the best of luck!


Phillip commented on FloodLift

This is an amazing idea, Shomik! Many people living in flood-heavy areas go through the same struggle that you experienced. It is great what you are doing for your community and the potential it has to help people all around the company. Did you design this car lift or did you partner with a company that manufactures these?


Phillip commented on Waste No Food

Waste No Food sounds amazing! I am the Co-Founder of Got Food?, a mobile application that allows the food-insecure population to locate the nearest food pantries, soup kitchens, and summer feeding sites. Hunger is a serious problem that plagues our nation. I completely agree with your goal and believe that this food wasted by companies and restaurants can be donated to the food-insecure population. I wish you the best of luck as your project develops.