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Collin commented on A trip of a life time

Hector Moyeton, I thank you for your kind words, i'm elated to know that you're empathetic towards my story. Thank you for for your time .
Well first since this is just the start I’d have to have a time frame where people raise money. The money they raise will be for Hotel, Food, and Bus.(I’ve done this with people to people and it was a wonderful life changing experience. I have also done a lot of other trips like this all over Texas.)Now for this to work we’d need headquarters that and spread far apart in different parts of cities. I’d like for the headquarters to be a place where Different tour group’s sleep and check in. Headquarter can also be a fun Youth Center and Day Care, It’s another way to help and be a part of the community. The daycare is also a quick way to save up for trips. With people taking trips a lot of work gets done in the communities and when it Get’s on a bigger scare said Headquarters will pop up like Buckeyes. In my video I talked about schools, I wanted to make a program, one that tested kids based off how they learned or however they favored testing. Like Albert Einstein once said, everybody is a Genius. But if you Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid. Schools do not do enough to help students learn in an environment and Structure that is befitting each and every student. Schools also need to teach people how to use money and how to have it work for them. So many people run after money when they can sit down, save and put it into projects that later turn to an asset. This is what I want this Group to be and do.

Anytime. ^_^.Okay that's awesome I'll add you Giovanni Turri . I can evaluate as well sure.

I'd love to Team up! I really love what you have done here thus far.