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Dear Erwin, I like your project to link farmers to specific markets. How do you take care of quality control?
We have a comparable project, but only for spices, in the North of Tanzania. The difference is that we process spices in a central processing plant in the village and sell from there. We have a strict system for quality control, as to make sure to satisfy the requirements of the buyers.
You can see:
Wishing you good luck.


Marg commented on Green Keeper Africa

Dear Fohla,
My French is not good enough to use for writing. But I understand the text, I think this is a very good initiative to make water hyacinth to use. This idea can be expanded to other places where water hyacinth is also a problem. Wish you good luck.


Marg commented on Village based processing of organic spices

Thank you Yussuff, but you or your fellow entrepreneurs will have to do it!