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Elliott commented on Vivify Teen

what a positive and great idea! Some teens may not feel they have the ideas to create change but your website could allow teens to write articles about other teens creating change. Artists and writer teens could use their skills to feel empowered and valued by adding to your website.


Elliott commented on Soulful Soul Food

That's so great to hear Jiiya Stubbs ! There are many restaurants, grocery stores, and even some farms that you can reach out to about these cosmetically "imperfect" produce. You can probably get them for FREE too! (they'll just be thrown out any way). I think it would be a really great thing to incorporate and talk about WITH your truck. It may also be interesting to have the outside of your truck have information on it that people can learn from. Almost have it be interactive in the sense that they can learn while eating.


Elliott commented on @BD1FFERENT (Motivating Young People to Be Different)

I understand that you wish to have things that show and bring up the idea of "being different". It's a really good way for people to not grow up wanting to follow the norm or go with the flow. I am wondering, however, how you plan to bring change to those already deep into these problems in your community. It's estimated that over 85% of drug users that received professional treatment will STILL relapse. Have you done any research or reached out to any professional organizations, rehabs, programs, etc that you can work with?