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Grace commented on Mirco-Plastic Cleaning robot!

That's true, best not to suck up any plankton and accidentally destroy the whole food chain! Could you imagine?

I think it would be a lot easier to charge, switch out, fix etc. if the battery was removable. Of course it is just an idea and I have no background in building things (other than a ladder for my chickens, which turned out great so I think you can trust me! haha)
I would say yeah, totally but I'm lame and only have snapchat and you want to trade gardening and decor inspo?


Grace commented on Mirco-Plastic Cleaning robot!

Hi Sim!
Your idea keeps coming to mind for me and I want to ask you a couple questions that might be useful to think through as you design. Keep in mind that you may have already covered this and I just don't speak tech!(:
I was wondering if you would have to keep resetting it. Like, if you were to tackle an area farther out in the ocean how would that work as far as battery life and space to keep all the plastic it is collecting? Would you just need to have a boat nearby as a robot HQ, similar to a scuba setup?
And then, since depending on different types of plastics and different water types (salt and fresh) the plastic could either sink or float, would the robot be able to both clean the water surface as well as the sea floor/lakebed?
If it was this way would you be able to use solar for the battery or would the saltwater ruin it? Could it be an external solar charging system that could have an attachable battery that could still fit in and be waterproofed, the way an action camera is?
That's all I've got, for some reason I keep thinking of that movie, "Agent Cody Banks" with all the little nanobots.
I hope at least some of that was useful!
Best of luck, Grace


Grace commented on Wellness Rooms

That's amazing to hear, Alivia!! Congratulations!