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My older daughter was a preemie, and I spent her earliest months in abject terror of the smallest diseases. It was isolating and depressing, especially given that the NICU had been so warm and convivial. I found it so hard to believe that others would willfully put their and my children at risk on the basis of total junk science. 

More recently, I became involved in the passing of SB277, which I felt strongly about because we had a child at our preschool who was going through treatment for leukemia and whose situation was made more dangerous because we live in a low-vaccination area (white, wealthy, privileged). Being part of this effort has absolutely spurred me to take action on other legislation, to be more involved with my children's school and to lend my support to grass-roots efforts in many areas. 

I thank Vaccinate California for being a voice of reason and for inspiring parents to speak out in support of science.