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Elaine commented on Building $tability, Retaining Visibility

NeighborImpact has a wonderful mission that it successfully fulfills around the community. One over-looked aspect of NeighborImpact's contribution to the local community is the workforce that it employs. Nearly 200 local workers are on the payroll at NeighborImpact in jobs as diverse as the food truck driver who drives around three counties daily picking up/delivering food and the live-in shelter support who provides residents with coverage 24/7 and the cook who with her staff makes over 100,000+ child meals a year and the Financial Adviser who assists many, many local first time home buyers and the Head Start teacher advocate who daily leads a classroom of 20 wiggling, playful 3-4 years olds and the weatherization auditor who crawls under houses where spiders live to check out insulation and on and on and on. The NeighborImpact workforce is comprised of workers who live and breath the mission daily. They consistently rank us in the annual Top 100 Oregon Non-profits to Work For anonymous survey conducted by Oregon Business Magazine.