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CityTaps is a rare project in several points :
- The subject : CityTaps aims at tackling a critical economic and social issue: lack of access to running water in the home. Every year, women and girls in the developing world spend 200 million hours fetching water for their families and 443 million school days are missed due to water-related illnesses. Lack of access to drinking water also leads to heavy morbidity: over 1000 children (50% in Sub-Saharan Africa) die each day from water-related diseases and infections.
- The innovation : CityTaps offers a combination of innovation where the SaaS model removes the constraints of the traditional monthly subscription model which is totally unadapted to the poor urbans. Finally, CityTaps bridges the gap between water utilities and the urban poor: a Pay As You Go (PAYG) prepayment service that includes the world’s only smart and prepaid water meter (CTMeter), and its companion management system (CTCloud).
CityTaps is a rich, innovative and sustainable project where R&D and innovation are truly focused on improving a dramatic issue.