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Ms. Karla Horn!

You are the best!  Thanks to your support, we're raising awareness - and the roof - for kids in foster care.

XO - Melanie and family

Hi there, Carissa:

I love your line "giving every student the chance to be a superhero." Exactly! Someone tweeted to me that "the stories kids are told about themselves make such a huge impression." It's important to make marginalized, traumatized and orphaned kids feel like they are somebody.

Congrats to you on your group on their Pioneer status. Best of luck with the next round.

And thanks again for the shout out.

Best - Melanie

Hi Daralyn,

Thanks for the great feedback.

I feel like the cares and concerns of children in foster care are ready to rise to the surface - that the public is not only going to take notice, but also become engaged in the conversation about the wellbeing of children in care. It would be great if I Am SOMEBODY could be part of that convo and also help lead it.

You can check out more of my foster care awareness work on As a complement to I Am SOMEBODY, I am working on a follow-up awareness campaign called Foster Futures, which pitches to the perspective of potential foster adoption parents.

The numbers are staggering. It's time to rebrand foster care for the 400,000+ kids in out-of-home placement, 100,000+ of whom need a family right now.

Thanks again for your support.