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My dear Usman ! you are absolutely right but in order to break the cycle of fear and to move towards growth cold storage's are the need of the time without this the lined up purchasers will definitely take advantages all the times and the farmers will not have the best profits in their pockets for sustainable growth. We can use the placebo fact as well as a option; so when the lined up people become aware off that farmers are going to build cold storage or planning to do the same they will increase the rates of the products and it should work by the grace of ALMIGHTY. But the ultimate solution is construction of COLD STORAGE'S in order to get rid of all the fear factors of the farmers so they become know "HOW TO FISH" AT THEIR OWN WITHOUT LONG TERM DEPENDENCY.

Thank you so very much

Deep regards

Mahboob Ashraf

Hello Dear David ! Thank you so very much for your guidance I do appreciate your concern. Further I would like to share that "my project is all about "HOW TO FISH" development of pro-active approach in order to plan, control and achieve the goals and objectives not only with hard working but focusing on smart working by having direct access to the local and big city markets and the most important factor is real and true efforts for construction of cold storage's for farmers in order to eliminate the worries and fears of the farmers. Cold storage's definitely will provide a deepest sense of security that the farmers have enough time to negotiate and sell their products on god rates and this will up rise their profit margins and all front and back end issues will also be going dead step by step because they will have enough money and resources to be at their own instead of dependency. I would like to have your value addition in this concern to develop a total winning and can do attitude with having a proper vision for implementation. Thank you so very much.

Deep regards

Mahboob Ashraf

Dear Mr. Didas Mzirai. Hope these words of mine would found you in the best of health & spirits.

You are absolutely right just a little addition in your comments; I do have effective, practical and life changing ideas on which i am working presently and developing "Fully Effective Entrepreneurs & Professionals with a winning and can do mind set" (Making No-Ones into Someones).

Farmers are not born only for ploughing; they can take direct access to the local, major/big big city markets as well as in international markets, they can learn how to utilise their available resources more effectively; they can learn how to increase their profits; they can learn how to live the life by understanding the system well, smiles likewise list is on and here on top of the list needs to have cold storage's for them in order to eliminate their worries in order to save their all season crops and profit margins definitely at high ends; that's the turning point because the middle ones taking advantage of their weaknesses.

Further; it is not necessary that they stay in villages; their grown up children and upcoming generations can be trained and move to big cities for marketing and opening up of sale points in order to reap maximum benefits by working as a front person (on behalf of their father, brother and villagers, like wise progress opportunities are at the highest levels.

Note: Why progress opportunities are at the highest levels? Because everybody have to eat food for living and farmers are the one who are producing the major necessity of life but still living in miseries. It's the right time to develop them into fully effective entrepreneurs and professionals so they can get the rewards they deserve for by having direct access in markets and food products manufacturers.

Thank you so very much and if you have any further questions or needs any type of support from my side from the core of mine heart you are more than welcome.