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Melissa commented on Heart Centered 21st Century Learning

The authentic work that Dr. Mason and CEI are doing to support educators and students is amazing! Elevating the understanding of powerful social/emotional learning environments is the foundation that places "what's right for our kids and schools" on a pedestal of priorities!   This work amplifies the importance of whole child initiatives and research.  Most importantly, this work amplifies the value of student voice.  

Principals and teachers are called on to listen, engage, and prioritize relationships.  When children feel safe, they trust.  When trust is established, risk is possible.  When we risk, we grow.  School leaders, teachers, and parents have the honor of molding mindsets & launching the potential of upcoming generations.  

Through Dr. Mason & the CEI's  practices such as mindfulness, compassion, and courage, the future is truly bright.  As a 20 year veteran school principal, it is refreshing and encouraging to know that this heart-centered work is abundant in our profession.  Our kids deserve it! 

Dr. Melissa D. Patschke
Zone 2 Director for NASEP
Board of Directors, PA Principal's Association

Elementary Principal
Upper Providence Elementary School, Royersford, PA
Spring-Ford Area School District