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Hello Michael Ugom , thank you for your comment! Generally speaking, robots will reduce the amount of manual labor hours that people would do. However, in many countries, farmers can't find enough people to actually do the labor required on the farm to grow the rest of society our food. Those farmworkers are either immigrants or locals, but either way they have better and better options in their own countries for employment... less intense jobs that pay better and don't expose you to difficult conditions, chemicals, etc. This story is seen in places as diverse as the richest countries (Netherlands, UK, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, Spain, Korea, Japan) but also countries that are still developing (like Mexico and China), where other industries are offering better paying/ less physically demanding / less risky jobs. Reducing manual labor hours allows people to focus their time on better, higher-value jobs on the farm or elsewhere. That said, it's important for companies like ours to be very thoughtful about how we create employment opportunities, and how we will mitigate the downside if jobs are being taken away.