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Timothy commented on Nerdom

What a great idea! I think your concept is fantastic and I really like that you are focusing on something you have some expertise in (how to learn and improve in school)! I would be very excited to look at any of your materials. Remember that technology can be tricky so having multiple ways of delivering your lessons (iPad, Chromebook, on paper) can help more teachers be able to use them, even if they are at disadvantaged schools or if their students can't use technology for some reason (such as a disability). Another thing to think about as you move forward is the fact that teachers LOVE when something is easy for them to put into practice in their classroom. As such, thinking about how teachers will grade the work, give out handouts, make copies, and collect supplies can help you make your lessons quick, easy, and painless to actually teach. I can assure you, if a teacher sees two activities for the same concept and one is well organized and easy to implement, they will choose that one every time. Overall I am tremendously excited by the difference you are trying to make in my community, and you deserve all the support of our school and this prize!