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Antonio commented on Junior Wildlife Ranger

Junior Wildlife Ranger Fantastic, I as an avid FFA member understand the importance of agricultural education. It’s sad to see how un or misinformed most of the population is. Your steps to bring a better knowledge to the people will be the change the agriculture or environmental industry is needing! Very good work!


Antonio commented on Custodian Service Initiative (CSI)

Custodian Service Initiative (CSI)  I as a student within the highschools would have most likely looked over the custodians when I was younger but with age I did realize they were human as well, myself focusing on the physical health aspect of school you target the mental health of others which is absolutely phenomenal, I would have never thought that this was such an issue but in retrospect, it’s larger than it seems. Your work is completely unique and it amazes how far you have come! Congratulations and good luck!