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Joseph commented on Organic waste collection, treatment and transformation.

Great idea but it will require a bit of hard work for its development. To create great shared value, the community must be involved in the waste collection, procession and usage. Various tests must be conducted on the products to prove their worth and quality so that the entire community can accept them for their use. Export quality can also ensure the exportability of the products. The project will surely benefit the environment through the use of organic fertilizer produced instead of chemicals, elimination of possible environmental pollutants, provision of jobs and many social benefits. A strong business must be established to convince would be investors to join and the Government can equally be involved in a beneficial symbiotic way. The success of the startup will be a trail blazer in the African continent so much effort must be put in it for success to come. More grease to your elbows.


Joseph commented on Navigate Nutrition

Many good projects that can create great shared value have not been able to move on sustainably because of lack of resources and ability to effect positive behavioural change to get people to embrace what they stand for. Playmob looks interesting and may help social enterprises greatly in securing funds for their projects through a sustained campaign, probably at a lower cost. I am quite pleased with the Playmob business model and will develop further ties with the company to enhance the ideals of my social enterprise. You are enjoined to make yourself available to the charities more and at rates which will help them to move on effectively with beneficial programs to create positive change worldwide.

PAC has a financial sustainability plan which can be developed to support its growth. There would be the need to invest in production equipment that will ensure high quality is introduced into the products. Preference of customers in USA and European markets are now on organic moringa products and PAC will do well to embark on organic certification if it has not planned such. More commercial plantations must be established to ensure adequate supply of inputs and to spread more shared value to the community. The leaves are only a small portion of the moringa tree which can be of value. Looking into the possibility of incorporating moringa seeds and other waste after the production of the leaf powder to generate more income can be a great source for community development in terms of health, rural development and water purification. PAC can focus seriously on such.