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Amanda commented on Urban Gardening - Let's flower up our cities!

Is a nice iniciative, you are solving important problems of urban areas, I suggest you to consider the Emissions of volatile Organic compounds of plants, because it can create tropospheric ozone which causes cancer and is an importa pollutant. You can avoid this Problem if you consider specific variaties of plants creating a save enviroment not only for insects, also to people giving them quality air.

Is an interesting idea, I am not sure if the management of water to this iniciative has been considered. Also, reuse of plastics is important, but, you are not considering microplastics in water, which creates a water quality problem.

The idea is great, native species of trees enhace soil quality in the Amazon region, participation of native people is a key in this project, is really interesting how you have worked in this area. Is a viable idea.