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Thank you very much and have a nice achievement to your work too

Hi, Margaret O'Gorman Thank you very much for interested in our solution. Restoring the urban environment contributes to higher levels of biodiversity. After all, micro-regenerative native trees species garden provide different soil nutrients, shadow for those smaller plants that need it and increase the maintenance of water in the ground, all of which contribute to flourishing. Biodiversity can start to bounce back, bolstered by the critical foundation of pioneer trees. Yes, the selection of species designed with biodiversity in mind. On top of that our Micro-regenerative native trees species garden business influences planting trees that create shade from the hot sun, boost soil water retention, rebuilds topsoil from leaf litter (and sometimes Nitrogen-fixing roots), and provides much-needed habitat for many species of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects. After only a few years, trees can transform hot, dusty sandbox urban areas into a recovering habitat complete with small shrubs, lizards and birds' nests. Thank you.

Hi Sebastiao Alves, Thank you very much for the feedback. Many cities in our area have a consequent amount of underutilized idle land spaces. These places are transformed and inspire poor women in local urban areas to create their own biodiversity micro-regenerative native trees species garden. These micro-regenerative native trees species garden can help poor women earn extra money and it is an incentive to restore the degraded urban environment. Best, Temba