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Mystica commented on Mind body and soul shelters

I think you have a great idea! But there are a lot of gaps and places that need to be fleshed out that haven't been. For an example, for the vegan food, on average, having that form of healthy living is difficult and for an entire housing shelter much less. You should talk about how you might get the food like having Kroger or another food area have a tax write off of food that is still edible but they don't sell between the 7 day expiry date. Your idea definitely gives people a better way to find a way to get help however it needs some work. An example could be having a tie with an employment agency or with universities so they can have people intern there as art, physical, or music therapy teachers to foster a healthy environment.


Mystica commented on Squad Six

Hi! So I feel like this is a great idea but there needs to be a bit more of background data added into your entry. Although emotion that you added in is good, you need to also add in more data. For an example, for the after school programs, what are some things that will be offered? i.e. identifying when you or others are being targeted. But I do see the passion you have towards this however I feel like you will need to add in data and/or demographics information.


Mystica commented on Medical Miracles

Thank you so much Bettsy ! your support is greatly appreciated and I am thankful to have you in my life!