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Thank you so much for your very kind message Marco! We're happy to hear more about your friends in the dairy sector of Peru. They can contact me for sure.

Thank you Mouhamadou! Is this article also available in English?

Hi Kevin, thanks for getting back and explaining your technology.
30-90m is very fast! I understand the value of speed in this process when you produce fertilizer in bulk, to be able to serve as many farmers as possible.
For a domestic biogas digester (one digester per farmer), once the digestion process is up and running (indeed 3-4 weeks after installation), it produces fertilizer (and biogas) continuously and on a daily basis, for about 10-20 years (as long as the farmer keeps feeding the digester regularly with organic waste). So speed isn't an issue when it's made fresh and available every day, right in the backyard of the farmer. I'll shoot you an email, I hope to learn more from you!