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Elijah commented on Students for Scientific Literacy

Awesome idea! We both have the goal of literacy, critical thinking skills, and education about the misinformation spread by popular news media; just in different fields. It's great to see people tackling similar issues- I'd love for us to work together in the future since we have similar goals! The program seems incredible- I wonder if you could get to the point where entire an curriculum could have a similar format?


Elijah commented on Community Goals Organization

The idea is very solid. I myself am a soccer player, and i find a great peace when I step out onto the field. Replicating this environment to benefit kids in need is a truly special thing to be doing. From the first time I touched a ball to my first hat trick soccer has always been a safe space. Giving a safe space to under privileged kids can be very impactful. Keep Grinding


Elijah commented on Social Climate Committee

This is a good idea! It creates a personal connection with the importance and severity of mental health problems. Your dedication to your community is very admirable. I think our projects have similar goals in that we both would like to expand to other schools- we would love to hear more about your ideas on the subject of expanding to other schools! It’s also very cool that you have another awesome SIP (we are SIP as well- though “Students in Politics”) innyour schools- another organization we would like to look closer into.