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Carissa commented on Strengthening Incarcerated Families.

Thank you for what you do, where you do it, and how you do it. We are in East Salinas where some of the same systemic issues impacting Flint, hit us close. In California we have been working with Prop 47 that reduces certain felonies to misdemeanors, and as you can imagine the war on drugs has left daunting records for many of our families of color who now have a glimmer of hope. I'd be really interesting in connecting to see how you have collaborated with other groups and worked within the system to be a form of support for the families you serve. 

Mental health will forever be a silent hero in developing the wellbeing of our children, their families, and therefore the entire community. I have learned to walk so carefully in my communication with such frustration because of the lack of awareness and general recognition of the capacity of mental health to not only heal, but completely transform a community like ours impacted by violence, poverty, and a range of socioeconomic factors that limit the success of our families. Thank you for shedding light onto an area we so desperately need to uplift. 

We work closely with foster youth in my place of work and I am constantly in search of a program with the love and self worth this can provide to the little ones we serve. Often times here in the schools we group every student together by grade, reading level, or age, but forget there is additional piece many of our foster youth deal with, and in a community of color like mine it gets silenced. Thank you for bringing awareness and giving every student the chance to be a superhero :)