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Steven commented on Make it global, keep it personal

'Pulled' to be part of something dynamic, impactful. not 'pushed.' I like this, and am thinking of ways to accomplish it. It opens the question of what would pull me onto any project. There are a few things that come to mind. I want to work on projects that will apply my core skills and also help me to develop the skills I want to develop. I want to work on projects whose goals I believe in. I want to work with people that have complementary skills (I will put up something on complementary skills later). I want to work on teams where there will be a lot of trust. I want to work on projects that have a good chance of being successful.

There are a lot of good points here. The most important is the one on trust. Trust is central to team performance and is the only real way to address long-term alignment challenges. I think the best ways to foster trust are transparency and sticking to commitments.

I have used Belbin quite a bit and find it very useful. We have everyone at TeamFit go through Belbin. We are also considering adding this to our skill management platform.


Steven commented on Ashoka ToT

Looking forward to this process and to supporting the successful adaptation to a team of teams organizational model. I use this model within my own organizations and have some thoughts on the challenges and what needs to be done to make it work. If I were to pick out the toughest challenge I would say it is goal alignment. In a team of teams model one has to work hard to get to and keep goal alignment as one needs to orchestrate individual, team and higher level goals. Goals bubble up from the bottom and do not just come down from the top. People are generally on more than one team and have to manage the tensions this can cause. This leads to a complex set of tensions that well managed is energizing but poorly managed can lead to paralysis.