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Orinthia commented on Heart Centered 21st Century Learning

The following quote says it all..."The children we are teaching will only thrive and flourish when we meet children where they are; when we teach with a full realization of how to mindfully instruct in a way that pulls each child into the excitement of learning, and when we build neural pathways that help children overcome trauma and expand their confidence and self-esteem."  Many new initiatives have arisen to help strengthen and evaluate teachers’ ability to increase student achievement. However most are  mainly aimed at analyzing their content knowledge and ability to help students demonstrate that they understand content deeply, can solve open-ended problems, and can justify their responses.  The problem with solely focusing on this approach is that maximizing academic achievement among students is predicated on teachers possession of compassion for, and consciousness of who their students are!  Few tools have been created to specifically train and evaluate educational institutions on a holistic approach such as this.  CEI's approach is exactly what is needed for 21st century education.