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monika commented on Environmentally Friendly

@julesflinchbaugh I’d love for you to get invovled with our project! We are also helping to cut down waste and think we can help you find ways to educate your school. Check us out @plaestik.project here and on instagram


monika commented on Be trash free

hey Sako Ourfalian Im the head for @plaestik.project which aims to help take trash and plastic out of the environment including the ocean and using that plastic to make useful products. You’re welcome to go check us out. I’d love to team up with people like you to help you educate the people in your community with real examples of ways they can take plastic from their surroundings and turn them into cool things! Reach out to me on here or follow us on Instagram @plaestik.project


monika commented on Operation Sustain

@rayan Id love to work with you and your team! I am also working on a project to help create a sustainable future. My project @plaestik.project aims to take plastic out of the environment and turn it into cool products that fund cleaningplastic out of the ocean. I also want to help educate and teach students how they can be involved in this initiative themselves. Id love to do a workshop with your kids to show them physical processes and products they can use to recycle the plastic in their environment.