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Alayna commented on JEE Foods

Thank you, Carson. When someone wants to volunteer with JEE Foods, there are many options available, such as becoming a Food Rescuer, meaning that the person will help collect food donations from local restaurants and farms. With this option, volunteers are able to schedule when and where they want to pick up, but also how often they are able to help. Another option is to help with transforming food into meals and food items for those in hunger. These volunteers received food safety certification in order to work with food, which is transferable to jobs and careers in the future. Most of these volunteers have been JEE Foods members with the help of some parents and other generous community members. JEE Foods is at the point in our growth where we have had few volunteers from the community come in, but we are closely working with organizations in our area dedicated to finding those who are jobless and in poverty jobs to start a continual system of volunteers.
To address the growing issue of members graduating high school, we have made the principle of JEE Foods transferable to any place where food is wasted and there is a need to rescue food. After JEE Foods members graduate from high school, they are able to take the idea of JEE Foods with them and start branches in their colleges or wherever they see the need. Most recently, our executive director graduated this past year and is attending Ohio State University. He has started a branch of JEE Foods in Columbus, Ohio, expanding our mission to even more areas of need.


Alayna commented on Dignity Machine

This is outstanding. Your idea could be the reason someone eats tonight. JEE Foods would love to partner with you to make this a reality!