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Andre commented on STRONG CINCINNATI

Your idea is so well developed, kudos.  I know first hand the story behind quality development...HARD, NEVER ENDING WORK!  I've solicited very, very few requests for review of my project; but I'd be delighted to have you read the idea of THEZONE Project.  I'd love to have the opportunity to learn from you.  Best wishes,

Andre Wicks 

Lisa, great work!  We want to learn from you!  Tell me, from a well established program standpoint what else do you need to get results?  Is your current strategic plan to improve upon existing indicators or focused on expansion?

Have you heard of the Twin Cities Mobile Market?  We are considering replicating that model in Spokane.  It may be another really viable strategy for how you distribute food and education!  All the best,

Andre Wicks  

Jessie, right on, and thanks for the feedback.  I was checking out your idea and thought your infographic was powerful.  It is so interesting how poverty and racial disparity rear their attack on populations of color so similarly no matter where you are.  I was wondering, about your plans with Medicaid, if there is a local subsidiary leading the way, or  how it's being determined how Medicaid waivers will be used?