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I would primarly empower homeless and poor people, so they can learn and have a job that can contribute locally (or for the most worthy, even global!) and sustain them economically!
THis would affect primarly SDGs #1 and #4.
Unfortunately, learning period is not short, so it's needed an external help for them to start (a roof, food and Internet connection, a least!).

Thank you Collin Thomas :) Good luck for your amazing project, I'll contact you soon about how I think I can help you! If you've any suggestions, I'm here ;)

Thanks Prabha Dublish , if you have any suggestions, maybe cause you've found weaknesses or tips to improve this model, I would be glad to listen :D
Good luck with your project too ;) Hope that empowerment can reach a global scale!
If I can help you in any way, please keep me updated :)