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Ezra commented on Plan Youniversity

Wow, Tria Villanueva your vision for the future of your community and fellow youth is innovative and inspiring! In order to foster collaboration and greater involvement, I'm sure that iStudy would be a great additive as it could provide a platform for more studying and education to take place. You guys rock! I really think your on to something, and I know this is an idea I'd love to get behind.


Ezra commented on Vaayu

"If we could send a person to the moon 50 years ago, why can't we separate a few dust particles from the air?" YES! haha your tenacity and blatant drive is spot on, because we should be much further along than where we are, especially in terms of air quality! Having visited India a few times myself, I totally understand the debilitating pollution that Indians live in day in and day out. I'm pumped to see you stepping up! I hope the best for you!
If you're ever in the Denver area, we would love to welcome you at CATALYST COFFEE AND TAPHOUSE to further encourage your innovation with other likeminded world changers!


Ezra commented on Greening Forward

This idea seems like a great way to utilize your personal skills! I'd love to see you expand upon this. I wonder if GrowZone and and Vaayu could be of any help? Best of luck to you, my friend!