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Tyler commented on Propel our people!

I love your idea. Once I get my idea off the ground, I would love to partner with you and help you create an academic support system for your students. iStudy <-- You can check it out here. Good luck and best of wishes to you!


Tyler commented on After School STEM Enrichment Program

Thank you Ezra Bram for tagging me in your comment and making me aware of Emmanuel's project. I love your cause-- being someone that benefited from countless after school and summer school programs, I completely understand their importance. I would love to help you build an academic support program for your students. If you're interested in working together, don't be afraid to reach out. Hopefully we'll be in touch some time in the future. Best of luck and best wishes to you!


Tyler commented on Living In The Hyphen

I love the premise of your project, and I have a visceral understanding of the polarizations that you speak of. Though my idea doesn't directly address racial tensions and sociopolitical disparities as yours does, I do believe that part of bridging the gap and part of living in the hyphen is becoming comfortable there. This comfort comes about through exposure. My idea is a tutoring app called iStudy. On it, students may make profiles, but there is no category for racial identification. I do this in part because I deemed it superfluous for the nature of my app, and because there is no function for racial preference built into the app. My app allows for an environment that operates freely within "the hy-phen" that you speak of. Best of luck to you!