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Kiran commented on Plæstik

It's great that you are tackling a pervasive, seemingly untractable problem.


Kiran commented on Dream School Tour

I really like this idea. Economic research by Caroline Hoxby (whose work I recommend you look at) has found that simple, cheap interventions can dramatically increase application rates among low-income students. I would be curious to hear more about how you plan to recruit university partners.


Kiran commented on Got Food?

Phillip, it's great to see you addressing this issue. From my work with Waste No Food, I have found that so many people living in poverty do not know about all of the social services that are at their disposal. The same is true of volunteers who want to make an impact. Your tool will be vital for those in need to create a roadmap to better their lives and it could mean that volunteers will leverage their skills to aid high-impact organizations. I'm curious about how you will better track metrics from your site to understand the extent of your impact; perhaps you could collect survey data from your users.