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Nnennia commented on Cocoon

Hi Vanya! I'm really loving this idea. I started out biking on my rail trail out of necessity, but I came to appreciate how quiet it is. I relish my solitude on the trail, and summer makes it so much better. The best part about it is how strong I feel. In the spring the cherry blossoms do their thing and everything starts to feel green and lush. Sometimes it feels overwhelming, the way nature seems to assert itself so intentionally, but those are the moments I realize I am a part of something so much bigger. It truly gives me drive and purpose, and it's an amazing start to my day. Thank you for this offering! I wish you continued success in making it a reality <3


Nnennia commented on Mother Nature's Gift

This is definitely an amazing initiative. It is so important for girls to feel safe and secure at school. Giving little girls access to menstrual products without judgment or awkwardness is body positive. "The Body is NOT an Apology"


Nnennia commented on The Young Black Educator's Movement

I like Diamond Robinson's idea because my mother was a teacher who could have used support like this when she was younger. I also think teachers are more effective when they have more support. Helping one teacher has a profound ripple effect and truly makes a difference.