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Mark commented on Saying NO to the Next Inferno!

This is a really great idea. Currently in Colorado there is a wildfire that is not currently contained. If this was made, it would help prevent fires and contain fires. This is a very well thought out idea and this would be a great advancement in technology.


Mark commented on The Magenta Garden

T-Mobile is a big supporter for Diversity and Inclusion. The Magenta garden could really make a difference. If we could have a garden at the T-Mobile call centers and in communities near T-Mobile stores around the U.S , I think it could really make a difference. I think T-Mobile employees would love to make a huge impact. I work at T-Mobile in Colorado, maybe we could collaborate to come up with an idea to make this possible.


Mark commented on World Apparel Co.

This is a really great idea! Continue to do great things with the mission trips. I do not have an idea that would be able to collaborate with, but I wish the best to you both. Continue to make a difference around the country.