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Laura commented on Ladies of Distinction

I love the combo of mentoring, tutoring, PE and parental coaching which reaches into so many areas of children's lives. How do you find the adult mentors/tutors? Are they volunteers? Is this during the school day? If not, how do you work out transportation issues? Thank you for getting my wheels turning!


Laura commented on Northern Lights Youth Services: Reality Check

Hi Lee, I love the idea of having older students teaching younger students on an ongoing basis. Very helpful that you have a University's assistance with the pre and post testing. I wonder if the decline in "intention" to engage in risky behavior translates into an actual decline in engaging in risky behavior as they get older.


Laura commented on City Connects

Hi Mary, I like that every teacher is met with regarding every student. We have two social workers in our district but they are spread so thin and only get to the most dire needs. I love the proactive nature of your program.