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Carla came into our lives when our elderly cat was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and required inhalers - anyone who has tried to give a cat inhalers (especially one who has never liked being held) will know that it's no easy task. Carla came along and helped us learn how best to manage the process. When we had to go away for a few days, she came out every day to help our friend administer the inhalers. Even though Carla made the process so much easier, Jake continued to be distressed when using the inhaler, reducing the effectiveness of the medication.
As a Nurse myself, I started looking at alternative options and together with Carla and the Vet, we devised an alternative route for administering his medication which was far less distressing and ensured Jake receives as much as of the medication as feasible.
Carla's management of her patient's care needs is enhanced by her flexibility and innovative approach to minimise distress and maximise the treatment protocol.
The facility of having access to an experienced RVN to come out to the home to assess the situation using problem-solving approach is, in my opinion, an invaluable service.
Carla has spear-headed this approach to Veterinary Nursing care, dedicating over 5 years of her life to bringing this service to the public and forging ahead with changing the landscape for future RVNs. I wish her the very best of luck - that she deserves credit for all she has achieved and will achieve, is beyond doubt.