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Meagan commented on Books For Bedtime

I was look at you organization and it looks sooo cool!! I would be absolutely be intersted in working with you to help get books to people all over the world! Please contact me at we could definitely help you in the book area! I also have some other conacts who are pretty well versed in the easiest (and cheapest) ways of shipping books overseas, so perhaps we could get in contact with them?


Meagan commented on Cassidy's Care Center

I am also in Columbus! I have an organization called Books For Bedtime ! My goal is to get books into the hands of children who need them while inspiring youth to start their own initiatives! I have given away over 70,000 books so far... perhaps e could work together? Maybe the women and their kids in your Care Center could take books with them? I know reading is a great way to escape from reality for a while! If you are interested in a partnership/collaboration please feel free to contact me at!


Meagan commented on Community Goals Organization

I love what you guys are doing for the community! It is so important for kids to be exposed to sports like soccer! In the future it might be cool if you expanded your outreach into other sports (lacrosse field hockey, baseball?)! Keep up the great work!!