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Renee commented on WeCat AI - Cat Database for AI Voice Recognition

Hey! I absolutely love this idea. I myself am an animal lover, and it's awesome to see youth working to improve human-animal connections. Keep up the good work!


Renee commented on Novelly mentor chat

Hey! I love this idea, and I wish I had an app like this when I was younger! Engaging in civics is something that I would have really liked to be involved in during my middle school years, and I'm glad you're making it available to today's youth!


Renee commented on Poetry Pals

Hi Britton,

You're right; poetry is an excellent way to provide relief! The power of communication and poetry is seriously underestimated in brightening the lives of hospital patients. We hope to make a lasting impact on hospital patients!

If you'd like more info about Poetry Pals now or in the future, you can contact us at!