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Fred commented on Early Childhood Well Being (ECWB)

Thank you very much for your interest and comments. Yes, parents and family play a crucial part in a child's social and emotional development and their mental well being. At the same time it's important to be cognizant that parents themselves often are dealing with their own stressors, traumas and other challenges that can contribute to their ability or challenge in parenting such as single parenthood, poverty, marital difficulties or their own trauma or mental health issues. So strategies and programs that address child mental health must be prepared to support and/or connect parents to resources so that the approach is comprehensive. Children get better within the context of family and their other environments. And yes, the earliest stages of life and development can provide a wonderful opportunity to help families help their children begin with the love, support, nurturing, education and resources needed to help them be successful with the support of community as well (schools, childcare, etc.). Parents are not to blame for their child's serious mental health problems but they are a crucial part of the context in which children can improve.