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Aarushi commented on muse

Love this idea & so proud of everything you're doing! I loved working with you on TT and am happy you're following your passion of making an impact in politics. I love the idea and know you're going to take it to amazing places


Aarushi commented on #CreateSmiles

I love how this idea seems fairly intuitive but hasn't been implemented yet. Putting a smile on someone's face is extremely rewarding, and saving unused flowers and using them in a positive way is a truly incredible idea! Love this


Aarushi commented on HER

This is one of the most incredible organizations I have come across! You're making such a large impact that changes such a fundamental aspect of life (at least how we view education in the USA). I've always wanted to work in an area that helps women receive an education, and there are so many ways to help the issue that I didn't know how to start. I truly believe in this idea! Have you received any backlash or conflict from the countries you have worked with? I know oftentimes the government is against women going to school. I'm interested in how you have combatted this. You both are so amazing and inspirational :)