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ADEWUMI commented on Fortified Foods Initiative

Great idea! Wonderful Innovation! Your target on common staple foods to achieve the best solution of malnutrition is highly commendable. Every community in Nigeria has a common and well eating food, alas! most of these foods lack some essential nutrients. Fortifying these foods will make rich, nutritious and balance. Keep it up!


ADEWUMI commented on 1. School Growers’ Initiative

Many thanks for your words of encouragement. I am also very happy you are well informed about the state of agriculture in Nigeria and by large many Africa countries. Nigeria has the population and vast arable land but we are yet to take a good advantage of these great opportunities. Our initiatives is gear to focus on "catch them young" by making agriculture we'll attractive and rewarding. Once again, thanks for dropping a pleasant comment.

A well thought and highly innovative. With your idea, you have come to the aids of both poultry and vegetable farmer. We need this in most rural area where 90% of vegetables produce are coming from. One of the best idea. keep it up!