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Aditi commented on The Textbook App

The issue you are tackling is definitely a real one, which most--if not all--college students face. Because most colleges use different textbooks, partnering with individual colleges to create an app that best matches their curriculum might make the app better tailored to app users. The college might even advertise the app as an alternative to purchasing textbooks, publicizing your idea. It might be worthwhile considering if some system to provide physical textbooks is an option (as many students prefer the physical book). That being said, I truly believe this idea has potential to improve the lives of many college students and can't wait to see where you take this!


Aditi commented on Project320

This is such a great project! I especially like the forum in which local officials listen to teens voice their concerns--definitely attracts more students and shows just how important our voices are.


Aditi commented on Student Voice Journalism Fellowship

I really love how this project puts students in charge of how the student narrative is portrayed! From my experience with remote projects, I would strongly encourage incorporating in person meetings where possible so that fellows feel a stronger sense of community. This need not be in person interactions between fellows but possibly encouraging fellows to start a Schooled publication in their school so that more students are given this opportunity. Also, even though the premise of the idea is "for students, by students", I feel like fellows would be inspired by adult mentors who are accomplished in the journalism field. That said, these are just ideas, and I can't wait to see how this project changes the student narrative!