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Hi, Shamini! Thanks so much for sharing the entry with us -- love how you're using clothes to spark a discussion about ethical consumerism and instill greater self-awareness among parents and kids. Treasuring diversity is something that is core to Ashoka's definition of wellbeing; it's wonderful to see that resonate in your work.

As you continue to refine and share your model, both through awareness campaigns and B Corps, I'd love to hear more about the impact you've achieved. How are you measuring a deeper sense of community and self-awareness? Are you targeting kids or parents (or both)? What sorts of behavior change do you expect to see? What practices seems to be the most effective in achieving them? That level of specificity will make it that much easier to see how your model goes beyond sales to build a sense of global fluency among your constituents. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work!


Alison commented on Treehouse Graduation Success

Hi, Janis! So impressed by and grateful for this project -- it's clear you're doing exceptional work supporting adolescents in foster care and helping them achieve both educational and personal goals. At Ashoka, we've seen an uptick in building integrative teams of adults to support young people; it seems to make all of the difference for kids younger than 12. (I know that you're focused primarily on high school students -- but, for this challenge, your work with younger kids is most relevant.) I love your reflections on mindfulness and the priorities in the welfare system, as well; those are super compelling insights.

As you continue to share your work in this and future settings, I'd love to hear more more precise information about your model. For instance, when and how often do these meetings take place (e.g., in school, after school, weekends)? What's the ratio of adults per student? What kind of training do you provide the adults supporting these foster kids? How are you approaching student leadership? That helps me to understand what's innovative about the project and how you're tackling questions around sustainability and scale. It's clear those foundations are present, but it's always helpful to see them spelled out explicitly! Thanks for sharing, and keep up the amazing work.