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Let's not forget that obesity is a growing epidemic; 36% of Americans are obese; blacks are only 13% of the US population. Clearly, the issue of obesity crosses racial borders and to pinpoint one race is irresponsible.
Certainly diet and exercise are major factors in obesity but one also has to take genetics into effect. Let's go back a bit...
According to my history research with plump African women were selected during the middle passage, i.e. slavery, due to their weight because it was thought that they would be more likely to survive the journey and reproduce easier. Subsequently, it has been shown that these women were probably diabetic. In biology, this can be thought of as selection; placing organisms under certain physiological conditions such that those of a certain genetic phenotype are favored. These diabetic women were the ancestors of today's black woman. So while we should be cognizant of food intake, it's not the whole story.
Oh, this is coming from someone who researches obesity and diabetes at one of the nation's top research facilities.