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Dear Patrice,

You raise excellent points about our project- your support is greatly appreciated. Our efforts in eradicating Huanglongbing disease will hopefully bolster local agriculture and reduce the need to import products. This in turn, reduces our state’s carbon footprint. Adapting to climate change is of the utmost urgency, and by enabling local communities to print their own insect traps, they can cater to their own needs. We hope to increase minority representation in STEM and make a lasting impact on local communities.

-Inés, Imprinting the Future

Dear Rowan,

Giving back to the community is something we care passionately about. We hope to help underserved communities in the Central Valley and better minority representation in STEM. Feel free to reach out! You can contact us at

Inés, Imprinting the Future

Dear Aarush,

Thank you for your support! We focus on helping underserved communities in the Central Valley, specifically minority farmers. We hope to help combat Huanglongbing disease and empower agricultural communities. If you want to learn more, you can contact us at

Best regards,
Inés, Imprinting the Future