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I forgot to include this in my previous reply, I can be reached at, and our organization at

Hello Ashna,
It's great to hear your interest, and see that we share reciprocal feelings about cooperation. We just contacted you and cannot wait to work together soon to realize our common goals - promoting community outreach while supporting environmental sustainability.

Looking forward to our collaboration,
Alex Fester, Imprinting the Future


Thank you for the supportive comments, we welcome your input!

With many of our members coming from minority communities ourselves, we feel an acute responsibility to help underprivileged students, most of who are minorities. By introducing them to STEM through 3d-printing, we hope to open doors for their futures, encouraging them to study STEM and pursue STEM careers. Directing our organization projects to issues affecting our students and their families, the direct life-impact of STEM is most evident to them and we are able to positively impact their lives. Finally, as most of our projects involve agricultural communities, we have been able to incorporate environmental impact into our efforts, protecting the crops our nation survives on by trapping invasive species. These different aspects of our impacts enable us to promote community and environmental sustainability simultaneously.

Our foundation revolves around our own community that we are building, and we are always looking to involve more members. We would be more than happy to work with you, so please contact me at, or our organization at, if you are interested.

Thank you,
Alex Fester, Imprinting the Future