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Ali commented on we. vegan.

Hi Ashwika! Your passion on this issue is very evident and your idea is to tackle it is very interesting! Keep up the great work!


Ali commented on The Green Sleep Project

Hi Isha! What I really love about your project is that it is tackling two problems at once in plastic usage and homelessness. I also really liked your idea about 3D filament and would be interested to learn more about it as I have a 3D printer at home. One suggestion I have is to make a prototype of your idea that you can showcase as you pitch your idea to various people. Good luck to you and I hope you keep working hard on this great project! You should be very proud!

Hi Christopher! Very interesting problem you are tackling as I live in the midwest and have become accustomed to salty roads. I really liked your approach in gathering data about the problem to really prove that the issue exists and that it impacts our communities. In addition to its impact on plants, salt is very corrosive to vehicles on the road as well, so you are solving issues for two things at once! I am curious to hear what the alternatives to salt are and how they perform comparatively. Great job and good luck to you!