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Angus commented on AgriLedger: Blockchain for the Greater Good

The Ag Unity app with mob phone connects small farmers to the Worid, gives them solutions, enables a bank account that is in the cloud and usable for micro finance. The app encourages them into co-ops so they can increase the income from their hard work. with increased income they are able to purchase better equipment, solar light , water pumps, bio-digesters for energy etc.


Angus commented on Kotshiza Pig Farming

Hi Cynthia Moyo 
I really like your idea, reusing existing waste to cut down on feed cost and to generate organic compost is such a no-brainer!

I'm guessing the numbers are solid, I am curious to know if the costs of collection of the waste outweighs the savings from reduced feed and extra compost? And as the feed can only be fed to breeding pigs, is there a big enough market of breeding pigs (as compared to all pigs) to ensure a scaling of the business?

Also, is it possible to provide marked bins to hotels that only have specific waste (e.g. vegetable waste) that may be edible by all pigs?

Keep up the great work!



Angus commented on Turning the tables for Temiar tribe of Malaysia

Hi Bryan,

They certainly do, and appreciate the clarity of your response!