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Anna commented on Moneythink: College Financial Coaching

This is a great idea! We think it's great that you hire first-generation college students to coach your students! We can imagine that this would be an effective way to help students navigate FAFSA. We were wondering what your organization does to address this issue of under-matching? Also, have you been able to establish personal connections through the use of the app? If so, you should highlight that! This would be a really powerful model to extend to rural areas, where students can benefit from college access programming. Great work!


Anna commented on The Garden Schoolhouse

This is such a beautiful idea! Engaging parents in their children's place of education is so important. Your passion is really evident in the entry. We would like to understand better what kinds of roles parents would have at the school. Love the garden theme!


Anna commented on Baking Breadwinners

This is such a wonderful organization. We have heard about you elsewhere are inspired by the fact that you celebrate the diverse culinary traditions of the women you serve. This is the one piece we didn't see highlighted in your entry and it's so compelling that we would recommend including it! A couple of other questions: It's great that there are no educational requirements, but how do you select apprentices? Also, is it typical to have a cafeteria job in New York City and be able to be off public assistance (or is Google a particularly good employer?). We imagine many of your graduates have to deal with workplace issues that came to light in the #MeToo movement. How do you deal with this; do alums receive any support after their job placements? As you can see, we are really jazzed about your idea! We've even tried your bialy recipe, yum!